This Web Information Point provides information to Guilds affiliated to the Association of Guilds of Weavers,Spinners & Dyers.
It is regularly updated, making it an invaluable source of information that will keep your Guild in close contact with the Association. It is intended to provide a useful reference point for all Guild members.

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What is the Association
How to contact the Association
More Information
Association Website

2) Association Constitution 

AGWSD Constitution 2020

3) Certificates:

               Foundation Certificates
Certificate of Achievement CoA
               Certificate in Advanced Textile Studies CATS

4) AGWSD Stuart Groom Memorial Library 

Stuart Groom Memorial Library

5) Running a Guild : Roles and responsibilities

    Considering starting a new guild ? Hints, tips and application form
Duties of a Guild Secretary.
Duties of a Guild Treasurer.
Duties of a Programme Secretary
Timetable of Association mailings to Guilds and from Guilds to the Association.
Information regarding the payment of Association affiliation fees and
the Association’s Public Liability Insurance.
Promoting your Guild and keeping members

8) Speakers List

AGWSD Speakers’ list

9) Association AGMs

              AGM 2021
              AGM 2020

     10) Exhibitions

Guild Exhibitions

11) Health & Safety 

Health and Safety Policy and Information – New 08/2021 

12) GPC Minutes

Record of GPC Meetings

13) Association Events

               Region Structure and contact details
Regional Planning 
Duties of an event Convenor
Planning an Association Exhibition
Summer School General Outline
Summer School Bursary
         14) The Lylie Smart Trophy
Lyle Smart Trophy 

15) The GPC 

Roles within the GPC

16) The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

About the Journal
Contributing to the Journal
Roles within the JEC

17) Digital Slide Collection

How to access the collection

18) Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

19) Association Newsletters

Newsletters 2017
Newsletters 2018
               Newsletters 2019
               Newsletters 2020


Guidance for Guilds

21) Trustee Guidance – Managing Risk

Guidance Paper

       22) Summer School 2021

              Summer School 2021 information can be found here: