AGWSD Certificates of Achievement – CoA

AGWSD Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement’s underlying principle is to preserve and improve craftsmanship in spinning, weaving and dyeing, to promote education in such crafts.

The Certificate of Achievement is open to any member of a Guild affiliated to the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.

The Certificate is offered in Spinning, Weaving, Tapestry Weaving, Natural Dyeing and in Synthetic Dyeing.  The syllabus for each area provides a structure allowing for an individual to learn and experiment through practical activities.  The Handbook gives general advice.

A portfolio of samples clearly labelled and annotate and a project piece, designed and executed by the student, along with all relevant notes, as described in the appropriate syllabus, to be presented for assessment.  The assessments are a rigorous process undertaken by assessors experienced in the appropriate discipline.  After assessment the work will form an exhibition open to the members of the guilds and to the public.

A registration fee of £40 is payable to AGWSD. Registration is valid for 5 years, (60 calendar months) from the date of registration. 

Assessments are held annually during one of the AGWSD events, the summer school, conference or exhibition.  An assessment fee of £120 is payable on registration for assessment.

These fees may be subject to revision.

On registering, students are supplied with a resource list and a list of mentors who are willing to give advice.

AGWSD Certificate of Achievement Bursary

The Certificate of Achievement bursary is only open to those who have been a member of a Guild affiliated to the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers for more than two years, and who have registered to undertake the AGWSD Certificate of Achievement.

Allocation for the bursaries will be on an individual, case by case basis and will be for managing the process of the certificate not for the fees. i.e. for Educational Events and submission of work.

Allocation of a bursary is at the discretion of the GPC and the CoA coordinator.

CoA Handbook

CoA Syllabus Spinning

CoA Syllabus in Weaving

CoA Syllabus in Tapestry Weaving

CoA Syllabus Synthetic Dyeing

CoA Syllabus Natural Dyeing

AGWSD CoA Bursary form 2023

CoA Assessment form 2023

CoA Registration form 2023

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