Lylie Smart Trophy

The Lylie Smart Trophy is usually awarded at the National Exhibition. It is awarded to a novice weaver – currently defined as someone who has been weaving for less than 3 years.

The following is some background to the trophy.

It was commissioned by Mr John Smart in memory of his wife, Lylie Smart. She was a spinner and weaver who taught weaving at an evening class at Southend College in the 1970s. The trophy was made by a silversmith called Christopher Lawrence who worked in Leigh. It was initially donated to the Essex Handicrafts Association for awarding to a young weaver (under 18). EHA passed it on to Mid-Essex Guild of WSD who did not use it. It was then passed to the Association. We struggled to find any under 18 year old weavers, but after discussion with Mr Smart, agreed instead to award it to a ‘novice weaver’. Hence the category at the last 2 exhibitions.


The following people have been awarded the trophy:


2012  Sue Wallis, Cambridgeshire Guild


2014  Sue Brown, Norfolk and Suffolk Guild.


2016 Gretchen Roth at the Killerton House Exhibition